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Foxfan Master List!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 9, 2016, 1:50 AM

Last updated:  11/14/2016

Can you see me? by Belliko-art  So here is the Foxfan masterlist, if you need to check it, and to know how is the owner of each foxfan, we're going to be updating this list c:

:star:Foxfan Notes:

:bulletyellow:You CANNOT trade/sell/gift your foxfan until you are listed as the owner on the Masterlist.
:bulletyellow:The Masterlist will be updated when one of the mods can get to it. Please do NOT harass the mods to update it.
:bulletyellow:Belliko-art made Foxfans can be resold (only if you bought it originally), traded, or gifted
:bulletyellow:MYO Foxfans CANNOT BE RESOLD. They can only be traded or gifted.
:bulletyellow:Gifted/Won Foxfans have their own list at the bottom. Foxfans that were gifted to others by raffle, Group-sponsored contest, or just as a gift directly from Belliko-art CANNOT BE TRADED OR SOLD. They can only be gifted, no exceptions.

:bulletyellow:-If you do not see your Foxfan on the list, please fill out the following:

Foxfan's Theme:
Proof of Approval:

And you will be added to the list.

:bulletyellow:-If you TRADED your Foxfan, please fill out the following:

New Owner:
Foxfan's Theme:
Proof of Trade:
Proof of Approval (SKIP THIS if you're already on the masterlist!):

And the owner will be changed.

:bulletyellow:Updated: In order to keep this clean and without confusion, foxfans can only have 3 co-owners at the same time

Momo Mini handFan form by Belliko-artBELLIKO-ART MADE FOXFANS AND MYO FOXFANSMomo Mini handFan form by Belliko-art

:bulletyellow:-Belliko-art made Foxfans may be resold (ONLY IF YOU BOUGHT IT ORIGINALLY, otherwise, you cannot resell it), traded or gifted!!

:bulletyellow:-MYO FOxfans CANNOT BE RESOLD. They can only be traded or gifted.


A Night in a Cherry Garden Foxfan:/Owner: plushieemokid
Ace of Diamonds Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Whitefoxfire
Alibaba and the 40 thieves Foxfan / Owner:  airasel
Allen walker/D.Gray-Man Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: cutetoboewolf
Amaterasu Inspired Foxfan / Owner: Belliko-art
Angel Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: xCleverFox
Anime Rainbow Foxfan (MYO) Owner: DreamyEevee
Antique Rose Foxfan (MYO)Owner: Sarenidy
Anubis Foxfan (MYO) owner: tianshii
Arctic Mountains Foxfan (MYO) owner: ohhhdani
Arctic Scenery Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Sugarhlgh
Arctic Sea Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Eevee-woman
Ares Foxfan Owner: FoxxButt
Artemis Foxfan Owner: Belliko-art
Aurora Borealis Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Ferngirl
Australian Shepard Foxfan: / Owner: PanserBee
Autumn Rain Foxfan (MYO) Owner: xMaikoWolfx
Aviator Foxfan:/Owner: airasel


Bamboo Field Sunset Foxfan (MYO) Owner: xY-a-z-z co-owing with BumblebeesAndRoses
Bat Foxfan Owner Shangry-Ia
Bathbomb Magical Girl Foxfan (MYO) / Owner: Ambercatlucky2
Beach Family Reunions Foxfan (MYO) Owner:Piperli
Beast Foxfan: / Owner:  UFOkitten
Bee Foxfan: Owner: Sweet-n-treat
Beyond the dreams Foxfan:  /Owner: gemboundGoat
Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: GummySky
Black Dhalia Foxfan: Owner: NightshadeGalaxy
Black Rock Shooter Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Arccyfox
Black Rose Foxfan: / Owner: RaveRadix
Black and White Cartoons Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Eevee-woman
Blood Moon Foxfan (MYO) Owner: saurkin
Blue Feather Foxfan /Owner: Papinella
Blue Greek Foxfan /Owner: FoxxButt
Blue Moon Cherry Blossom Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Juicy-Melon
Blue Nebula Foxfan (MYO) Owner: AleutianUmbreon
Blue Orange-Berry Burst Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Cruel-Cartoonist
Blue Rap Berry Foxfan:/Owner: Fucal
Blue Tiger Foxfan:  / Owner: decoy co-owning with CFerretRun
Blue Ghost Foxfan (MYO) Owner: plantu
Blue White Pillow Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Pillow-Kunn
Bluejay Foxfan:/Owner: lovethewolfgirl currently co-owning with AgenderedKing
Bride Foxfan: Owner: xCleverFox
Bubblegum Orchid Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: Dragon-Lady-NFLD Co-owner/ musiclover1072
Burning Passion Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: ImaLittleCreeper
Butterfly Flower Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: YaoiDaddy


Candy Corn Witch Foxfan / Owner Owner: ClutterCluster
Candy Snow Dreams Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Taurus-Creations
Carousel Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Meirii
Carved Lace Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Rosewend co-owing with Pandapalz
Caution High Voltage Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Shamboro
Cherry Blossom Sky Foxfan: / Owner: DoubleDIsMine52695
Cheshire Cat Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Sugarhlgh and Cassiopie
Childhood Wishes Foxfan (MYO) Owner: RainyStardrops
Christmas Flower Foxfan: /Owner: Darkstar-The-Great
Citrus Spirit Foxfan (MYO) Owner: BlackSapphireXx
City Lights Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Sour-Candy-Cat
Clockwork Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Steamfaun
Cloud God Foxfan (MYO) Owner: stanIeymarsh
Clover Foxfan: / Owner: SylvianFox
Coffee dappled Fawn Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: ethanoI
Coffe Lover Foxfan : / Owner: LupusSilvae
Corrupt Foxfan: (MYO) /  Owner:  Blaznfirea
Cotton Candy Foxfan:/Owner: FoxxButt co-owning with PanserBee
Country Foxfan (collab between Belliko-art and IzaPug) / Owner: UFOkitten
Crane bird Foxfan: Owner: GalacticKit
Cosmic Fairy Foxfan: Owner: BlushingEevee
Counting Sheep Foxfan (MYO) Owner: PixelatedMas
Crazy Sea Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: SpizFeral
Crow Foxfan Owner: Iarka co-owing with petalfox


Dalish Favor Foxfan (MYO) Owner:  CylaDavenport
Dandelion Foxfan: / Owner: lumephobia
Dangerous Oceans Foxfan (MYO) Owner: di-ivine
Dark Fantasy Foxfan / Owner: petalfox
Dark Geisha Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Jahpan
Deep Blue Sea Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StrixiART
Diamond Prince Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MintAnnComics
Dissolving Galaxy Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Juicy-Melon
Dominos Foxfan (MYO) Owner: WereKnives
Dream Poppy Foxfan(MYO):/Owner: nickyflamingo
Dream Smasher Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StrixiART
Dreams and Stars Foxfan (MYO) Owner: AlicornRarity
Duality Rose Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Crystal-Tranquility
Day Of The Dead Foxfan Owner: IcyOwl


Easter Bunny Foxfan:/Owner: witchpaws
Egyption Goddess:(MYO) owner: LlamaButtons
Enchanted Forest: (MYO) owner: airasel
Eroded Desert FoxFan (MYO) owner: Fucal
Evening Garden Party Foxfan (MYO) Owner: RoroCries
Evening Sakura Breeze Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: hereiskoko


Faberge Iced Wedding Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CrystalQuill
Fairy Dust Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: Papinella
Fall Foxfan/ Owner: Meirii co-owning with beruruSTAR
Falling Leaves of Autumn Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Koitsune
Fated Love Foxfan (MYO) Owner: DuskTwilena
FFVII Inspired Foxfan: / Owner: xCleverFox
Fire & Smoke Foxfan (MYO) / Owner: RayFierying
Firefly Flower Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: KitsuneFlame78
Flower Garden Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: ImaLittleCreeper currently co-owing with Raconni
Flower Rain Foxfan: / Owner: HellFlre currently co-owning with HolyWaterr
Flower-scented Prefume Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Blacklightsong
Flying Sparks Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MoonstarDraws
Forest Foxfan (MYO) Owner: squidip
Forest Fire Foxfan (MYO) Owner: FluffleBear
Forget Me Not Flowers Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Mega-Arts
Fortune Teller Foxfan(MYO) Owner: airasel
French Revolution Foxfan (MYO) Owner: starridge
Frost Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Miru-Studios
Frosted Lilacs Foxfan (MYO) Owner: AgenderedKing
Frozen Hot Chocolate Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Riverbaby95
Full Moon Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: SerahMajere
Fallen Angel Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: THR0N3


Galactic Swirl Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Hitsu-Chan
Galaxy Foxfan Owner: TheMunstacat
Geisha Foxfan: / Owner:  FoxxButt
Gentleman of Nightmares Foxfan (MYO) Owner: goldnretriever
Ghost Foxfan: Owner: LupusSilvae
Giant Panda Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Pandapalz
Girl O' War Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Chiswyck
Glittering Candy Clouds Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles
Golden tiger and Limes Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: Rain-ette
Gothic Royalty Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Rainbow-Rocket
Granny's Porcelain Foxfan (MYO) Owner: lumephobia
Grape Foxfan:/Owner: DancesWithTheWolves, Co-Owner: iiAwshumness
Great Horned Owl Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CloverCoin
Green Ryu Foxfan: / Owner:  lumephobia
Grell from Blackbutler Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: NightyxX


Halloween Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: Fennarchy
Harry Potter House - Gryffindor Inspired  Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Maonii
Hello Panda Strawberry Cookies Foxfan (MYO) Owner: eliza1star
Hogwarts Express Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: KingHugin
Hufflepuff Pride Foxfan (MYO) Owner: @ RavenSongLullaby


Ice Cream Foxfan (MYO) Owner: SiDoesGood
Ice Dragon Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Fucal
Ice Queen Foxfan: / Owner: Staarbyte
Icicle Fall Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Jahpan
Ink Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CylaDavenport
Ink Butterfly Foxfan (MYO) Owner: UFOkitten
Inked Feather Freedom Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles
Irish Belleek China Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CloverCoin
Ice Crystals Foxfan: Owner: floramisa
Interstellar Foxfan: Owner: eliza1star


Japanese Peach Foxfan /Owner: Belliko-art
Jester Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Boreal-Shadows
Jester of Love Foxfan (MYO) Owner: iEmme
Joseph Joestar Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Vontier
Journey Desert Foxfan: / Owner: airasel


Karasuno Management Foxfan (MYO) Owner: li-xiang
Kawaii Bears Foxfan (MYO) Owner:  xY-a-z-z
Kingfisher bird Foxfan Owner: Iarka
Knights of Ren Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: iiPaw
Koi Fish Sunrise Foxfan (MYO) Owner: illSicario


Lace Foxfan/Owner: neoinu
Lampion flower Foxfan: /Owner: Weidenlied
Lavender Foxfan/Owner: xWhiteDreamsx
Lavender Mint Rose Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Moonartic
Lavender Town Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: Sakairi-chan
Les Miserables Foxfan (MYO) Owner: divinedust
Light in the Night Foxfan (MYO)  Owner:  Deceptib0t
Lights Touch the Moon Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MewW0lf
Lilac Sunset Foxfan: /Owner: LlamaButtons
Lily Flower Foxfan: / Owner: Shangry-Ia co-owned with Finding-The-Key
Link Foxfan:/Owner: DarkShadowTriforce
Little Mermaid Foxfan : / Owner: SetSaiI
Lolita rose Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Riverthunder
Lullabies Foxfan (MYO) Owner: L0veLetters
Luna Moth Foxfan (MYO) Owner: alarmed-dingoes


Magical Crescent Moon Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MewW0lf
Maneki Cat Foxfan: /Owner: StarScribbles
Maple Tree Foxfan: /Owner: Mega-Arts co-owning with Fuzzy-Dreams
Masked Love Foxfan (MYO) Owner: BlushingEevee
Masked Sunset Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Lilwolfpard
Messenger of Love:  /Owner: Papinella
Messenger of the All Father / Odin's Messenger Foxfan (MYO) Owner: HowlLXVIII
Midnight Lily Sky Princess Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: pyrmappege
Midnight Rose Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: Rock--Candie
Midnight Whispers Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Veemonsito
Midnight Zodiac Foxfan (MYO) Owner: KitsuneFlame78 co-owing with Pikachim-Michi
Mint Candy Foxfan: /Owner: RaveRadix
Mint Chocolate Foxfan:/Owner: Cherri-Crimzon
Moon Rabbit Pink Mochi Foxfan (MYO) Owner: BiPinkBunny
Moonlit Gentleman Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: SweetMelony
Muffet from Undertale Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles
Music Foxfan (MYO) Owner: JazzChinchilla
My Dear Friend Foxfan (MYO) Owner: WllNTER-WOLF
Mythic Moon Rabbit Foxfan (MYO) Owner: xWhiteDreamsx
Mythical Reality Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Eevee-woman
Mount Fuji Foxfan Owner: Belliko-art


Night Feather Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles
Night Garden Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Jinhii
Nihilistic artist Foxfan (MYO) Owner: divinedust
Nonary Game Foxfan (MYO) Owner: LupusSilvae
North Star Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: StrayTheMushroomKid
Northern Sky Foxfan: / Owner: SilvestrisDream
Nutcracker Foxfan: / Owner: royalteal


Ocean Tides (MYO) Owner: ExreaI
Ominous Autumnal Storm Foxfan(MYO) Owner: Kiffels
Old London Town Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Erleuchtete
Oni Foxfan:/Owner: Shamboro
Onigiri Foxfan:/Owner Fucal
Orange Foxfan:/Owner:icedawnfire
Oriental Koi Foxfan (MYO) Owner: ShadyCatCreation


Paper Lantern Foxfan /Owner: KiyiyaHowlingWolf
Papyrus from Undertale Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Ashen-Artistry
Pastel Beauty Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Pikachim-Michi
Pastel Birthday Cake Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Juicy-Melon
Pastel Glow in the Dark  Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Kandy-Cube
Pastel Goth Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Juicy-Melon
Pastel Rainbow Foxfan:/Owner: Eevee-woman
Pastel Rainbow Lace Macarons Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Sylvena
Pastel Skies Foxfan (MYO) Owner: mooneau
Pastel Winter Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles
Patches Foxfan: / Owner: Papinella
Peach Hearts Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Jahpan
Penguins in Winter Foxfan (MYO) Owner: XNightMelody
Peppermint Hot Chocolate Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Mangoswirls
Persephone Foxfan Owner: floramisa
Petunia Foxfan: / Owner: MewW0lf
Phantom of the Opera Foxfan Owner: StrixiART
Piano Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: tianshii
Pinecone Foxfan: /Owner: LupusSilvae
Pink Chocolate Hearts Foxfan (MYO) Owner: goldnretriever  
Pink Lemonade Foxfan (MYO) Owner: ZodiacZero
Pirate Foxfan: / Owner: Juicy-Melon
Pit from Kid Icarus Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Unbeatablemeghan13
Piñata Foxfan: Owner: Kandy-Cube
Poker Foxfan: / Owner: AgenderedKing Co-owners: lovethewolfgirl and  RayFierying and Sour-Candy-Cat
Possessed Foxfan /Owner: Crystal-Comb
Priest Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Clydles
Private Investigator Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Fucal
Pumpkin Foxfan/ Owner: Kawiku
Punny Skeleton Foxfan (MYO) Owner: GalacticKit
Purple Butterfly Foxfan: / Owner: dachsi
Purple Diamond Nebula Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MerbusLeader


Quaint Seashell Wedding Bouquet Foxfan (MYO) Owner:  adorablysquish
Queen of Chess foxfan:/Owner: ohhhdani
Quiet Suffering Foxfan (MYO) Owner:  UFOkitten
Quintessential Cupid's Psyche Foxfan (MYO) Owner:  quaazera


Rain Foxfan Owner: FoxxButt
Rain Clouds Foxfan (MYO) Owner: ShootingStarfall
Ramen Foxfan Owner: Sarenidy
Rebel Droids Foxfan (MYO) Owner: EllisArts
Red Devil Foxfan (Guest Artist Papinella) Owner: Bellona27 co-owing with NocturnalRascal
Red Moon Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: Mangoswirls
Red Panda Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CandehSenpai
Ribbons 'n Pearls Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Cassiopie  
Royal Air Force Foxfan (MYO) Owner: The-Cipher-Dog
Ruler of Everything Foxfan (MYO) Owner: UFOkitten


Sailor Lolita Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CheesyTrash
Sailor Moon Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: airasel
Sakura Breeze Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Jahpan
Sakura Dream Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MewMew151
Sakura Scented Bubble Bath Foxfan (MYO) Owner: SimplySammi
Sakura viewing Foxfan(MYO) / Owner:  StarScribbles
Samurai Foxfan/Owner: DoubleDIsMine52695
Santa's Reindeer Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Unknown-Artist99
Scarlet sky Foxfan: / Owner: RaveRadix
Seven Stars Foxfan (MYO) Owner: masterchiefhammer
Shattered Mirror Foxfan (MYO) Owner: FoxxButt
Sherbert Ice Cream Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MissSuqarPink
Shipwreck Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Kiffels
Shrine Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Fennarchy
Silent Symphony Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Ghostyjunky
Silver Birch Cardinal Foxfan (MYO) Owner: SylvianFox
Silver Fox Symphony Foxfan (MYO)  Owner:  xCleverFox
Siren's Song Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Axeloops
Skull Foxfan: Owner: VarietyAdoptables
Sleepy Winter Night (MYO) Owner:  SheiaLyn
Snake Pride / Slytherin Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Cassiopie
Snow Foxfan:  /Owner: DoubleDIsMine52695
Snowbound Husky Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Shamboro
Snowhite Foxfan / Owner: FoxxButt
Soft Calico Foxfan (MYO) Owner: HanniBuns
Solar and Lunar Eclipse Foxfan:  /  Owner:  CandehSenpai
Songbird Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Sound-of-Heaven
South American Clown Frog Foxfan (MYO) Owner: PurpleDragonArt
Spider Juice Foxfan: Owner: FoxxButt
Spirit of Autumn Foxfan: (MYO) Owner:  robovirus
Splatoon Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: SetSaiI
Spring Foxfan/Owner:beruruSTAR
Springtime Thunderstorm Foxfan (MYO) Owner: 04Tobizbits
Sprinkled Confection Foxfan (MYO) Owner: beruruSTAR
Star Darling Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Trainerfairy
Star of Caramel Skies Foxfan (MYO) Owner: lumephobia
Starry Ascension Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Shamboro
Starry Bat Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: SoIarWish
Starry Lace Foxfan (MYO) Owner: catmistry
Starry Purple Gentleman Foxfan (MYO) Owner: pyrmappege
Starry Sky Foxfan:  / Owner: Sweet-n-treat
Starry Winter Night Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Lycanrok
Starwings Foxfan:/Owner: Papinella
Steller Jay Foxfan (MYO) Owner: LupusSilvae
Sticky Amber Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Limesparrow
Strawberry Foxfan: /Owner: UFOkitten
Strawberry Pocky Foxfan (MYO) Owner: YaoiDaddy
Sugar Skull Foxfan (MYO) Owner: LlamaButtons
Summer Foxfan/Owner:gold-adopts
Sun Bear Foxfan (MYO) Owner: beanlet
Sun God Foxfan (MYO) owner: Artistic-Twist
Sunflower Foxfan:/Owner: xMaikoWolfx
Sunny Day Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Meirii
Sunset Fofxan: /Owner: hyruchewey
Sunset Pearl Foxfan (Guest Artist Papinella) /Owner: NightyxX
Sunset Sakura Foxfan (MYO) Owner: xY-a-z-z
Swan Lake Foxfan (MYO) Owner: daddydoggo
Sweet Sin Tea Foxfan (MYO) Owner: ChibiTea
Swettie Sticks Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CinnaBunne
Silver and gold metals Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Lau-Fey


Tahitian Princess Hibiscus Foxfan (MYO) Owner: miyuu1chan
Tales of Vesperia Yuri Lowell Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: BlackFoxCenco
Tanuki Foxfan: / Owner:  Sableu
Tentacles Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Q33N
Ticci Toby Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: nexusknowhow
Time Lord Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Rains-Lullaby
Time's Forgotten Explorer Foxfan (MYO) Owner: CandehSenpai
Toby Golden Fish Foxfan:  / Owner:  @devroxling:
Traveling Scholar Foxfan: (MYO) / Owner:  WolfxPrince
Treaure Map Foxfan: / Owner: StrixiART


Unicorn Foxfan: /Owner:  Floofurr
Unicorn Cake Foxfan (MYO) Owner: iridophobic
Unleash the Kraken Foxfan (MYO) Owner: StarScribbles


Valentine Foxfan: /Owner: Fucal
Valentine's Day Gifts Foxfan /Owner: Juicy-Melon
Vaporwave Foxfan (MYO) Owner: asheds
Victorian Steampunk Foxfan: /Owner:  Mimiero
Violet Dreams Foxfan (MYO) Owner: nekuroSilver
Vitiligo Foxfan (MYO) Owner: FoxxButt  co-owning with AgenderedKing
Vintage Grandma (MYO) Owner: unishamaani


Water Lily  Foxfan: / Owner: wintry-chan
Watermelon Foxfan:/Owner:  DoubleDIsMine52695
Wave and fish Foxfan /Owner: onigiryStuff
Weiss Schnee - RWBY Inspired Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Burscutum
Wild Viking Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Shangry-Ia
Wind Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: RayFierying co-owning with Sierania
Winter Foxfan/ Owner: beruruSTAR
Winter Butterflies Foxfan (MYO) Owner: robovirus
Winter Dream Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: Fucal
Winter Lolita Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Kolewazaki-san
Winter Solstice Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: iiAwshumness
Wishing Star Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Iarka
Witch Foxfan:/ Owner: DoubleDIsMine52695
Wonderland's Path Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Rain-ette
Warrior Foxfan Owner: Belliko-art
Winter Transition Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Meenuzu



Yggdrasil Foxfan (MYO): / Owner: Crystal-Comb


Zeus Foxfan Owner: Juicy-Melon
Zombie Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: RaveRadix


Momo Mini handFan form by Belliko-artEVENTS (DTA/CONTESTS/RAFFLES)/GIFTED FOXFANSMomo Mini handFan form by Belliko-art

:bulletyellow:-Any Foxfans under this list absolutely CANNOT be traded or sold, however, they can be gifted!

April Showers Foxfan (Guest Artist DTA) Owner: Ragthanatos
Blue Valkyrie Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Cherri-Crimzon
Blue flowers Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: xY-a-z-z
Cherry Foxfan / Owner: MintAnnComics
City Skyline Foxfan (MYO) Owner: QuantumNightmare
Coming Storm Foxfan (MYO) Owner: UnityUniverse
Coo coo The Hatoful Boyfriend Foxfan (MYO):/ Owner: SkywardRoses
Cotton Tailed Cutie Foxfan(Guest Artist DTA) Owner: tabbytigers
Fireworks Foxfan: /Owner: Valtrix
Kiwi Foxfan Owner: caramelshiba
Masquerade Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: 0okamiseishin
Morning Dew Foxfan (Guest Artist DTA) Owner: Forest-Spirit134
Pastel Galaxy Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Arccyfox
Peach Pie a La Mode Foxfan (MYO): /Owner: Wishbreeze24
Pink Pastel Princess (MYO) Owner: Shadow-Patch
Sacrificial Twin Sister (MYO) Owner: Star-Shade
Sea themed Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: CorcraMoonRaes
Sixties girl Foxfan (MYO) Owner: Ochean-Sky
Snowy Owl Foxfan (MYO) Owner: MissTulcadhiel
Spring Frost Flower (Guest Artist DTA) Owner: TheWisestDino
Texas foxfan (MYO): / Owner: Bluesapphire97
Thunder Bird Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: AuditionArting co-owning with Breezeisnotonfire
Victorian/Vintage Book Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: busbyart
Winter Moonlight Foxfan (MYO): /Owner: AbsolGirlX
Yinyang Foxfan (DTA) : Owner: CamiPawz co-owning with Chakuya
Yorkshire Terrier based Foxfan(MYO) / Owner: Papinella


Momo Mini handFan form by Belliko-artCURRENTLY RESERVED THEMES (For Customs only)

:star: ~none currently~

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Papinella Featured By Owner 5 days ago
We try to host events from time to time in order to give out foxfans for free, so I am sure one day you will get one! ^^
Rorrx Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you!
That's very nice of you ^^
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