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Foxfans Closed Species

FoxFan of the Month!



Welcome! :D

Updating this for people to see.



Hey everyone,

Starting now, you CANNOT trade/sell/gift your Foxfan until you are on the Masterlist. This is to avoid confusion for the mods, and to prevent scams from happening in the future.

A comment to the Masterlist about the exchange in ownership DOES NOT count as being on the Masterlist.

Your username HAS to be right next to your Foxfan's theme in order for you to be able to trade/sell/gift it.

If you see somebody trading/selling/gifting a Foxfan, and you cannot find them on the Masterlist, please treat it as an unofficial Foxfan and inform the group via note, we will take it from there.

Do not try to trade your Foxfan before you are on the Masterlist.

Another thing to keep in mind is that MYO Foxfans cannot be resold under any circumstances. Only Belliko-art made Foxfans are allowed to be resold, BUT only if you bought it originally. Any Foxfans that you have gotten through trades CANNOT be resold under ANY circumstances, MYO or Belliko-Made.

Do not harass the mods about updating the list either. It will be done when one of us has time for it.

The Masterlist can be found here: Foxfan Master List!
Last updated:  08/23/2016

 So here is the Foxfan masterlist, if you need to check it, and to know how is the owner of each foxfan, we're going to be updating this list c:
:star:Foxfan Notes:
:bulletyellow:You CANNOT trade/sell/gift your foxfan until you are listed as the owner on the Masterlist.
:bulletyellow:The Masterlist will be updated when one of the mods can get to it. Please do NOT harass the mods to update it.
:bulletyellow:Belliko-art made Foxfans can be resold (only if you bought it originally), traded, or gifted
:bulletyellow:MYO Foxfans CANNOT BE RESOLD. They can only be traded or gifted.
:bulletyellow:Gifted/Won Foxfans have their own list at the bottom. Foxfans that were gifted to others by raffle, Group-sponsored contest, or just as a gift directly from Belliko-art CANNOT BE TRADED OR SOLD. They can only be gifted, no exceptions.
:bulletyellow:-If you do not see your Foxfan on the list, please fil

Thank you.
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LA-Rad Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Is there ever going to be a chance that you guys might hold a contest or something like that to have more mods join? I'm just curious, I'd really love to help out with this group uwu.
Papinella Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Likely not, sorry.
Kitty-Blu Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I think someone is copying your species uwu
Papinella Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016
I think they're more cat like than fox like c: Plus, we only own the Foxfan species and its concepts. We can't fault anyone for making a similar species! As long as they don't copy existing Foxfan designs we really do not mind :)
TheMidnightMage Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there any mention of myo's opening in the near future? <:
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